In this video I talk about the reality of Artificial Intelligence jobs. Specifically I discuss:

1. Reality of getting Machine Learning/AI Jobs at top product companies like Google, Facebook as a fresher.
2. Setting realistic deadlines and timelines to get a job in this field.
3. Salary and package Expectations as a fresher for machine learning/deep learning engineer roles.

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35 thoughts on “Youtube video -Harsh Reality of AI Jobs No one Tells You|”
  1. Interesting video… thank you 🙂
    At first I thought that you were talking about the US job market…
    What are the other Indian companies that apply AI engineers… what are their products?
    If someone is a self learner, or trying to gain more competence than the CS or EE program in your university, you should be advertising yourself in LinkedIn, YouTube and GitHub… don’t rely on your schools fame.

  2. Kuch b Matlab.. mehnat Karni Aati nai gyan baat Rahe. Biwi Meri 4month me fashion designer se DRL scientist ban gi..

    Mae Khud mechanical engineer hu , 3 sal se Systems Engineer hu AI ka..

    Bahane banao bas Tum..

  3. The reason why those companies don't hire peoples except phd and MSC holders is that you guy don't yell one truth about machine learning and AI, that it is complete Deep Mathematics: deep probability, statistics, vector calculus and optimization and linear algebra, sometimes coding knowledge like python is not the priority for a AI and ML Engr, because heIIh

  4. its not about job its about what project you develop harnessing the power of ai // neural networks machine learning while in college take part in international events like auvsi autonomous driving fs this will help u get a shot in big companies

  5. That's true, I'm currently a final year student in the field of AI & ML. As our placements have started I hardly see any AI companies come to our college. Even if they come, they want us to have huge knowledge in this domain. (Considering ML, DL, MATHEMATICS, CV etc).

    Neither I'm an expert in AI nor I have knowledge about CS subjects, I can't even place in a single company!!.

    Coming to resources: AI subjects have far less resources compared to CS subjects.

    So you have put in lot of efforts to gain knowledge as well!!

    That's why I have made a decision to drop AI, and concentrate on CS subjects. (For a software engineer role)

    Just started to learn java,OPPS, HTML, Networks, OS.

    I'm hoping to see some good results in future.

  6. Honestly, one to two years to learn a serious skill set seems pretty fast to me. Once I decided to take learning programming seriously, it took three years of multiple hours of study a day for me to get to the point where I felt I could build non-trivial projects.

  7. Hey guys I have questions or just like a suggestion from you guys I got an opportunity as a Data engineer and I am basically B. SC background student and I am thinking to join in MCA what I have to do.
    Go for job or MCA… What if I didn't any promotion or hike based on my degree (B. SC) in future … so B. SC is enough for top product based companies eligibility criteria.

    I have a great command in AI and ML and pipelines..

  8. An addition I believe is also important is… if you want a good job with AI, do something useful in a personal project, publish and you will be find! Not the opposite! This is another approach you can take! Because everywhere there is someone looking for performance, not knowledge!! Because of that, diplomas don't have much value! And when you think about deep mind or something related, prepare your PHD or a very good participation in a project! They are looking for results, not theory! A good theory results in good results! 😉

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