Title: Adapting to the Climate Crisis: How AR and Big Data can be used to advance eco-conscious decision making
Speaker: Elise Cannon & Brittany Salas (Sadu.io) & Hoang Tao
Abstract: The climate crisis is here. Everyone must adapt. If carried out thoughtfully, the ways in which rural and urban populations adapt to the climate crisis have the potential to reduce environmental impact in the long run. Hear from Sādu on the ways in which eco-conscious decision making can have a measurable impact on the climate crisis and why a fitness app can help make this happen. After a short presentation, join the co-founders of Sādu for a fireside chat with Hoang Tao, PhD ABD and former Director of the Civil Engineering Department at UCM. Hoang will share his findings on the best climate adaptation and urban resilience solutions, then give a short overview of how he plans to use Augmented Reality to better communicate scientific research to policy makers.

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