AI has the power to transform health care. From more efficient diagnoses to safer treatments, it could remedy some of the ills suffered by patients. Film supported by @Maersk

00:00 – Can AI help heal the world?
00:45 – How can AI spot blindness?
04:01 – Protecting patients’ privacy
05:10 – How to share medical data safely
06:11 – Medical AI is rapidly expanding
08:02 – What do the sceptics say?
08.36 – Using AI for new medical devices
11:08 – What does the future hold for medical AI?

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Will AI improve medical treatments?

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29 thoughts on “Youtube video -How AI can make health care better”
  1. Amazing and hopeful. Real hard AI – conscious machines will almost certainly dramatically improve health outcomes and significantly improve quality of life for people living with disabilities. Look forward to the future and more AI videos from The Economist.

  2. I think that, apart from a technology easier tu use and safer, AI could be a huge progress for a more friendly world because all the mentalities will be focus on the progress and so different problems will be forgotten with time and with a confrontation more focus on the evolution of our world which seems to be more and more develop by technical progress

  3. Ai makes screening the genome of unborn fetuses for genetic diseases more efficient . The Ai system could inform whether abortion is required to prevent genetic disorders in future generations.

  4. AI is going to dominate everything. We know how that ends, let's not play the fools.
    As much as we need many of AI's advancements, we know what we have to do, but we can't enforce that. When AI starts to enforce what is needed to be done, than nobody is going to like it. That's all we eventually need: enforcement, like we do with children. But do we really want that?

  5. AI is the most dangerous technology ever, no weapon of mass destruction can be potentially so harmful. Just think about: even primitive primate intelligence is the thing that nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Imaging the intelligence hundred times stronger but with no feelings, no emotions, just it's operational goal.

  6. Extremely interesting, but next time please omit the piped music! Not only does it make things difficult to hear properly, but it is irritating to the point of switching off. I'm being totally serious.
    Otherwise, thought-provoking.

  7. i love this propaganda channel
    hiding all time the fact world is at hiperinflation
    and promoting scam crisis made to inject new FRESH printed trillions in economy

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