πŸ‘“ AR and VR πŸš€ are changing the way construction companies visualize and use data, driving innovation, increasing efficiency and helping to achieve a competitive advantages regardless of company size. Augmented reality can have a strong impact on eliminating the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds in construction and become a win-win as well as investors and construction companies.

πŸ’Ύ GitHub: Create Geometric Groups by Any Property

Steps for creating AR & VR:
00:00 – Overview
00:25 – Convert RVT and IFC files in JSON, DAE, XML, CSV, XLS
01:16 – Automatic grouping of geometry elements
01:54 – Opening geometry in ar & vr application

πŸ”’ The problem with data for AR and VR in construction has been the closed nature of project data in proprietary files and the lack of tools to group and filter geometry elements without using special expensive applications. With the OpenDataBIM converter it is possible to convert Revit and IFC projects into uniform geometry in the open DAE format – Collada. The OpenDataBIM converter establishes the relationship between the original model element and the block representing geometry of an element in a DAE file. This allows you to easily visualize groups and selections of elements. Thus you can easily get a DAE file containing only walls, only slabs or any other group of elements, using simple free tools. You can then open the resulting file in most free AR and VR applications without additional conversions.

🏑 Using AR, VR technologies, construction and design organizations can provide a whole new level of customer interaction with projects, immersing them in an entirely new environment. With the OpenDataBIM converter, Architects can create ready-made models in minutes that can be used on any mobile device or virtual or augmented reality devices. And design departments can quickly create individual item groups for their contractors who perform construction work on the site.

πŸ“ˆ Take the complex data out of your processes and become someone who can use open and simple data:

OpenDataBIM – open source solutions for data in construction

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