After initial experimentation with Godot 4.0, it seemed as if the “Hedging” game could be created with the open source software. However, there is one feature that makes this project particularly challenging — Augmented Reality.

AR is the main reason for choosing to make an adorable farming game. The vision is that this game could be played in the backyard, or at least across flat surfaces within the home. That feature makes the game extra special, which is is critical in standing out in the ultra saturated gaming market.

That’s why this video looks at the implementation of this next-generation feature of gaming. Can “Hedging” be played in AR? To determine the feasibility of the game’s design, a simple task is presented in this video. Can a virtual tree be planted in a real backyard? That is the basic gameplay of the game.

00:00 One-Man Game Development
01:04 Choosing The Next Task
01:43 Godot ARKit Introduction
02:14 Godot 4.0 Problem
02:27 The AR / VR Nodes
02:49 No Main Scene
03:13 Working With The Camera
03:34 “I Read The Instructions”
04:10 An AR/VR Primer For Godot
04:34 The Export Process
05:51 Previewing The Project
06:10 Switching The Code
06:23 Godot iOS Plugins
07:13 Godot 3.5 Issue (Fixed!)
08:03 Where’s The Tree?
08:26 Warming iPhones
09:11 Planting The Tree


An AR/VR Primer for Godot

Godot ARKit Introduction (Bastiaan Olij)

Godot iOS Plugins

Plant A Tree by Lucy Larcom —

Johann Wolfgang Goethe —
Sistine Chapel Quotes —’s_frescoes_in_the_Sistine_Chapel
M202 FLASH —

Widgets —

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7 thoughts on “Youtube video -Fighting With Godot — (Making A Video Game — Part III — “Augmented Reality Test”)”
  1. I was looking up Godot to try and find a tutorial, ended up watching this stuff… I don't regret it one bit 🙂 Subscribed, I can't wait to see where this project goes! (Also, I appreciate that there are proper subtitles in place ^_^)

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