This is the recording of the second day of the workshop on Integrated Nuclear-Renewable Energy Systems, held on 24-25 March 2022.

Ontario Tech University, the IAEA Collaborating Centre, hosted this workshop in collaboration with IAEA experts to present and discuss on the future of energy sector in light of the growing interest in integrated nuclear-renewable energy systems.

Recording of the first day, on “Nuclear Reactor Technologies and Hybridization with Renewables”, is available here:

00:00:00 Opening Remarks by Les Jacobs, Ontario Tech
00:03:43 Invited Talks Session – Chair: Francesco Ganda, IAEA
00:06:00 Speaker: Ian Castillo, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)
00:30:38 Speaker: Yuichiro Yuasa, IAEA
00:50:41 Speaker: Richard D. Boardman, Idaho National Laboratory
01:19:03 Speaker: Alina Constantin, IAEA
01:43:47 Speaker: Ioan Iordache, President of Nuclear Hydrogen Division – IAHE
01:57:57 Speaker: Francesco Ganda, IAEA
02:13:30 Panel Discussion Session – Moderator: Aliki van Heek, IAEA
Panelists: Ed Bradley, IAEA, Ian Castillo, CNL, Allan Simpson, UK National Nuclear Laboratory, Igor Pioro, Ontario Tech
03:11:32 Closing Remarks, Hossam Kishawy, Ontario Tech

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