3D technologies continue to improve the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction and the implications are extremely important for building construction.

The next few years will see technologies like Augmented Reality, Building Information Modeling, and AI make it faster, easier, and more affordable than ever to construct buildings.

In this video you’ll learn:
How Augmented Reality will make it almost impossible to make big mistakes on the construction site.
How more use of 3D technologies will make housing more affordable for more people.
How neighborhoods in the next 7 years may not look anything like you’ve ever seen through the use of an up and coming technology.

If you are in the building materials industry and would like to apply to our Pilot Program where we will create a 3D product configurator for one of your building products, please go to this link

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3D technologies are essential for the building construction and building materials industry. People understand so much better in 3D and that applies to Developers, Architects, General Contractors, and Building Materials Suppliers.

Virtual reality in architecture — walk around your house before it’s built | miami & florida examples.

Now you’re more aware of the virtual reality in architecture for projects from extensions renovations to new builds find out how it can work in practice with your project — book your free phone consultation now and see how we can help you get the results you want!..

The dawn of the virtual reality in architecture | gunita kulikovska | tedxriga.

A virtual architectural tour of harsukh art residency | open house series.

Virtual architecture office is an engineering consultants office.

A virtual architectural tour of harsukh art residency | open house series.

see source on youtube click here

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