Virtual Reality (VR) has so much potential when it comes to communicating architecture and conveying the beauty of your designs in an immersive, jaw-dropping format.

In this video above, we show an easy, step-by-step method to create a VR walkthrough of a residential home design using SketchUp, Lumion and Sketchfab, a 3D model sharing website. With the addition of a VR headset, you can immerse yourself and others into the center of your design and heighten the feeling of space and dimension.

For a little more information, you can read the blog post about this tutorial here:

If you would like to jump to a specific part of this tutorial, you can click on the timestamps below:

– Upload your CAD model into Sketchfab (3:16)
– Make preliminary adjustments to your model in the Sketchfab 3D editor (3:50)
– Test the model in your VR headset (5:50)
– Add materials and furniture in SketchUp (6:52)
– Make a second round of adjustments (7:55)
– Improve the lighting for VR with lightmapping (8:05)
– Improve the 3D model for better detail and quality (10:30)
– Process the version of the house with materials and furniture (11:52)
– Change the background image with Lumion (13:08)

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By Lumion

26 thoughts on “Youtube video -How to create architectural VR walkthroughs with online tools, Pt. 1: Sketchfab”
  1. First of all, thank you for the video. I appreciate the fact that this video was not about creating panoramas. There are too many people using panoramas to describe the term "Virtual Reality". In my opinion panoramas are somewhat immersive, but they are not virtual reality. In my mind, the options that allow you to actually move throughout a space is virtual reality, not standing in one spot looking around.

    With that said, it's unfortunate that Lumion does not have a true VR option. Lumion does such a great job at creating stills and animations, but that is quickly becoming antiquated or "old school". My clients (hospital staff) want to experience their designs in a realistic fashion meaning they want to interact with their space while experiencing as much realism as possible. Lumion does a great job with realism only as long a still or an animation is acceptable. Those two options are becoming less acceptable quickly.

    I can go on and on about other options that are available to achieve this, but this is not the right forum for that.

    Great video. Please give Lumion true VR capabilities. We've all been asking for it for years now. It certainly feels like VR, AR, XR etc. is blowing up. Lumion has the potential to be a one stop shop with VR capabilities.

  2. It's absolutely ridiculous that we would need to switch to another program just for the VR option. I chose Lumion for the quality of the renders and the 3D models that came with them. I have spent hours within Lumion to make my scenes look great and realistic and now I have to rebuild everything from scratch AND relearn another program just for the VR option? There's not even a plug-in thing to connect the Lumion file directly to that said other program? I am seriously disappointed.

  3. Well, this was disappointing .
    1. The whole point of LUMION for me is fast amazing renders to get more time focusing on design process.
    2. I love LUMION trees and I want my clients to feel the landscape design as well.
    3.The next real challenge for LUMION team would be direct option for VR walkthrough (not more trees or cinematic effects no matter howgoodthey're) that would be a real thing .

  4. for AAA VR walkthroughs only use unreal engine 4, period, lumion is not ready neither other platforms, it will take time no arguing with that, but the result is sick especially when you start using blueprints!

  5. I create all of this for my clients all inside of Chief Architect. All my client has to do is download a free app for their phone. I export my 3D model file, upload it to my digital locker, send my clients a link. Then all they have to do is download it to the app on their phone, place their phone inside a VR headset and view their home. All without all of these steps and different programs.

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