In this video, we’re going over how to invest in the metaverse in 2022! Make sure to watch to the end, as I’ll show you how to make money in the metaverse and all the exciting investing opportunities there are.

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If you’re into cryptocurrencies, you’ve probably heard of the metaverse and its recent developments with platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox being backed by some of the most reputable celebrities and companies.
I’ll take you guys through the entire Metaverse economy as well as the history so that you guys can get a better understanding on what potential virtual technology has on our whole society.

I learned a ton of valuable information making this video, and I believe that just like the internet, the Metaverse will go through lots of speculation and setbacks before it’s fully accepted in society. However, that is just my opinion, and like any of the investments I talk about on this channel, I always recommend that you guys do further research. Before you invest money into it, I highly encourage you guys to spend at least 1-hour doing research PER PLATFORM OR INVESTMENT and learning about the Metaverse yourself so that you can make an informed decision.

I go over things like its use cases, how to invest, and the potential risks, but there is too much information out there on the internet for me to go over in just one video. If you want to know about the Metaverse’s basics in 2022, how it works, and how you can invest, this video will help you in your journey to gaining more knowledge on the industry.

There is huge potential growth for the entire virtual reality industry with huge players coming into the game like Nvidia, Facebook (Meta Platform), and even Walmart. Experts predict that the Metaverse industry will be worth $10T to #30T within 10 to 15 years, which is at least a 200x growth potential from its worth in 2020 of $40 billion.

I hope you guys get some useful information out of this video – comment down below on what your thoughts are on the industry and what I didn’t mention! I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on this industry for the next couple of years, because I do believe that the hype surrounding it is justified. If you have any questions about things like NFTs, and cryptocurrencies, make sure to check out my other videos!

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0:00 – Intro
0:27 – Overview
0:36 – What Is The Metaverse?
1:47 – The Metaverse Economy
2:06 – Where Is The Metaverse?
2:43 – Examples
3:02 – Metaverse Currency
3:24 – NFTs
4:15 – Metaverse Utilization
4:47 – Why It’s Important
5:37 – Investing In The Metaverse
6:24 – 3 Ways To Invest
7:10 – Metaverse Stocks To Consider
7:40 – Meta Platforms
8:28 – Matterport
9:06 – Unity
9:46 – Nvidia
10:10 – Virtual Real Estate
11:14 – Event Space
11:57 – Office Space
12:20 – Virtual Advertising
13:00 – Shopping In The Metaverse
13:35 – New Experiences
14:00 – How To Buy Land In The Metaverse
15:03 – Decentraland
16:59 – Land Purchasing Platforms
18:02 – Investing In NFTs
19:12 – Metaverse Crypto Projects
20:28 – Speculation/Risk
21:20 – Optimistic Future
22:02 – What Can You Do Now?
23:11 – Outro

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36 thoughts on “Youtube video -How To Invest In The Metaverse: Beginner's Guide for 2022”
  1. My personal thoughts on Coswift arbitrage, I’m not sure that it’s fake, although not gonna lie, I thought it was one before I started to use it. I have had my funds in there for like a month and it’s still earning me returns. If it’s fake, I wonder how long it will run. Obviously dont put in more than you can afford to lose 🤔

  2. Yeah I've been able to withdraw my initial investment and some profits from Coswift arbitrage. I Still think this is still unreal though. This won't last long term but at this point, I'm making 3.2-3.6% a daily If this doest go well, I'll be ok.

  3. do you do personal classes on NFT from the meta make to opens I need so much help I will paid and fly to you I need a teacher to show me online is not my thing or do have person in Arizona that can help me I paid a finder fee

  4. When the economy of the real world crashes and people really don't have food or a place to live I can guarantee you nobodies going to care about the metaverse. It has no value when it comes right down to it.

  5. @ojacoin

    i have been with Oja coin from the beginning and i must say am very impressed with them. I assure your great achievement if you follow them till the end.

  6. As someone new to the metaverse, I found your videos extremely helpful in understanding the entire digital world concept, especially since Alex Bentley from the WNBA recently invested in Lootmogul's platform, which I believe is something new to look into.

  7. As a first timer venturing into cryptocurrency investments, this course has been fairly insightful as it covers all the basics of understanding cryptocurrency markets and the relevant chart analysis techniques. The 1-2-1 sessions were well thought out and composed in an easy to digest manner. Kudos "Alexander Petrov" for making things easily understandable, Overall, it is a very solid Cryptocurrency Programme that I would recommend to anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and market chart analysis.

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