Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers the programs for students to comprehensive and systematically study the major fields of structure, water, soil, materials, and planning, which are the foundamentals of civil and environmental engineering. For this purpose, we actively utilizes large-scale and state-of-the-art experimental equipment, which is also important for our cutting edge research.
Here, we introduce these experimental facilities using 360° videos. They include the experiments conducted by students in the second and third years in the bachelor program.

[Laboratory for water quality analysis]
Water quality evaluation is important for preserving the natural environment and building a safe water utilization system. In this laboratory, we can analyze ion concentrations, harmful substance concentrations, organic carbon concentrations, optical properties of water, and others including basic parameters such as water pH, dissolved oxygen, and electrical conductivity. It is also equipped with ultrapure water production equipment, chemical storages, and various experimental equipment for water treatment.

* Facility | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
* Water Environment Lab.
* Manabu Fujii Lab.
* Conserve the aquatic environment of Tonle Sap Lake by developing an integrated water-quality model! | SATREPS
* Undergraduate major in Civil and Environmental Engineering | OCW
* Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
* School of Environment and Society

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