Animated medical imaging plays an important role in thoracic and cardiac #surgery. Medicalholodeck now allows the import of animated, 4D #medical imaging from CT, MRI, and Echocardiography. Used in #virtualreality, 4D data adds significant value to surgical planning, training, and #education.


Thanks to modern CT, MRI, and ultrasound devices, the upper body can be recorded in 3D over time, creating medical imaging of a beating heart, a breathing lung, or moving heart valves. These animated images are used for diagnosis and surgical planning. Medicalholodeck’s Medical Imaging XR now enables the import and display of such 4D images in a fully immersive, virtual reality space.

4D medical imaging can be displayed and processed holographically in virtual reality in Medicalholodeck: users can enlarge the data as desired, filter in real-time, crop, and playback at various speeds. The 4D functions are also available in team player mode, allowing location-independent case reports, surgical planning, and teaching.

Improve Diagnostics, Prevention, and Treatment With 4D Data

Medical 4D data plays a vital role in cardiology, thoracic surgery, and heart surgery. It improves diagnostics, prevention, and treatment. Medicalholodeck displays 4D data in a fully immersive virtual reality environment, helping medical professionals to enhance their surgical planning. Movements of the heart and lungs are precisely displayed, showing the changing position of tumors during a breath or a heartbeat.

Today, 4D DICOM data is typically watched on the computer screen. However, the use of such data on flat, two-dimensional screens limits its benefit: the depth is always lost, interactivity and size are limited. With Medicalholodeck’s new 4D capacities, animated medical DICOM data can be displayed interactively in holographic space and processed immersively in real-time, unleashing the full potential of this valuable resource.

Virtual Reality vs. Computer Screen

Medicalholodeck’s new support of medical 4D data offers various benefits to medical professionals. Image processing, medical diagnosis, and surgical planning occur in virtual reality without the limitations of a computer screen. Surgeons can now process radiological images independently, gaining the optimal personal insight into their patients. They can plan the upcoming surgery quickly and efficiently – from their very own point of view. With Medicalholodeck, complications can be identified before a surgery, and the surgical procedures can be adapted.

Medicalholodeck can also be used at universities for surgical training, medical teaching, and anatomical education. Besides Medical Imaging XR, the DICOM viewer for virtual reality, Medicalholodeck offers Dissection Master XR and Anatomy Master XR. The simultaneous use of all three apps allows the direct comparison of medical imaging, human dissections, and 3D anatomy models. Medicalholodeck offers a unique resource for modern medical education.

Medicalholodeck vs. 3D Printing

Compared with 3D printing technologies, virtual reality offers various advantages as well as huge savings. Medicalholodeck imports data directly from PACS, hard disk, or the cloud. The importing procedure takes just a few seconds, and the data remains fully editable during time of use.

With Medicalholodeck, time-consuming segmentation and data preparation are not necessary. The surgeon works on the original DICOM data provided by the radiology department. The surgeon can precisely set and change the displayed tissue densities at any time, which massively improves his understanding of the case.

Compared to 3D printing, the necessary hardware and infrastructure costs for Medicalholodeck are minimal. Thanks to Medicalholodeck’s Cloud Rendering capacities, no computer is needed anymore. Only a commercially available headset for less than $1000 is necessary.

The use of Medicalholodeck saves time and energy. In 3D printing, a surgical model’s preparation and 3D print easily takes hours of working time. With Medicalholodeck, medical images are displayed and available within seconds.

When it comes to animated 4D data, the advantages are apparent and 3D Printing will never be able to display these advantages. Medicalholodeck is the only VR software that can display four-dimensional DICOM data, in real-time, and in teams.

Improve Surgical Planning and Medical Education With Virtual Reality

Medicalholodeck opens new possibilities for surgical planning, surgical education, and medical education. The support of animated, 4D CT, MRI, and Echocardiography data improves diagnosis and treatment, resulting in better patient healthcare while reducing costs at the same time.


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