I thought it might be good this time in Egypt to film the Pyramids and Sphinx in 360 Virtual Reality, if you have a VR headset I would highly recommend you watch with it on. let me know in the comments if you want to see more of these as I’m still just experimenting with it.

#VR #360 #Pyramids

00:00 The Road up to the Pyramids
03:00 The Great Pyramid
07:00 In the Middle
10:00 The Panoramic View
16:00 Infront of the Sphinx
19:30 Next to the Sphinx

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31 thoughts on “Youtube video -4K 360° VR, Explore and Tour the Pyramids and Sphinx of Egypt. Immersive Virtual Reality Experience”
  1. Where’s the Audio where you explain what would’ve happened if you had taken his picture? Came from your TikTok video where it was kind of alluded to but cut off at the end

  2. I see they plastered the hole passage way with stones to the right of the sphinx that goes deep down under …. 2 people went in there without permission last year.

  3. I was in Egypt many years ago. I saw the pyramids, the sphinx, the temples of Luxor, the robbers and temples of the Nile, Aswan. Back then, I didn't have the VR360 and VR180 3D cameras and my VR headset. Now I have all this, but there is no Egypt. And now, thanks to you, I was able to visit this place again, to see the grandiose pyramids that I remember. Thank you.

  4. amazing, this just earned you a new follower! .. thank you, can you go onto the sphinx? .. they say the entrance is something to do with the ear 😀

  5. Like many it would be my dream to go to the pyramids! But due the way the police treats LGBTIQ+ I'm put off 😟 hopefully in the future they will change there ways

  6. 18:20 what many people do not know is this is where we stored water for the Summer. The sphinx which was the Lion Leo before it was defaced was a Fountain where the water outlet was.

  7. Its sad really. This is where my people worked to build the Pyramids. The Rain makers. That made fresh water for all the lands going out to the west and the east. Then the volcano erupted. An we could no longer stay their. An went to the Babylonians for food an resources. They wouldn't pay us for work.

  8. What you need is a Mask covering your face and it saying City Walking Tour. An on your Shirt 4K Walking Tour Cant talk. That should stop them from drawing attention to themselves ever 10 seconds.

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