Here it is. This is my 500k video. The reason why you’re here and the reason why I am here.

I love VR so incredibly much. It means the world to me. I love spending time with my friends, meeting people, finding new places. VR has without a doubt, taken over my life.

But it’s in a good way.

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31 thoughts on “Youtube video -Virtual Reality took over EVERYTHING”
  1. I know this is not the most constructive comment, but you just get me sooo exited about Vr again and again. Iv been a log time lurker on your channel and recently I got myself an Index as a first vr head set. And I love it so much. THANK YOU!

  2. Hey ThrillSeeker! I just wanted to say that you are my favorite youtuber and your editing and the way you put everything together in videos is brilliant. I'm glad you made that first video. I've been watching you for about a year now and I love all of your content. I've used it as advice for FBT and other things! Hope your doing well Thrill!!!

  3. 3:52 that compilation legit made me cry. For the past month I've been obsessed with vr. I work with sheet metal right now. The company I work with isn't bad and I enjoy seeing our finished work. But I definitely don't enjoy the actual work. I find myself lost in thought quite often. Watching your videos and seeing you progress both as a content creator and emotionally has made me realize that chasing dreams is definitely worth it. I'm not sure what I want to do yet. But I've been saving for the index. I'm currently using the rift s that my brother gave me a few years ago. I think I want to try streaming or making videos on vr games and go from there. Hopefully I can figure out what my calling is soon. But for now I'm just thankful for your content. Thanks for all you do, keep going.

  4. I've binged a few of your videos already, but this is the one that made me subscribe and hit the bell. Takes a lot of strength to share your darkest thoughts. I've first tried VR about 3 years ago. At the time, it was a cool new experience, but not much more. But recently, I got back to it with Quest 2, and seeing everything that is happening in the industry, it makes me incredibly excited, and I look forward to hear about it from you 🙂 and maybe see you in VRChat sometime, if I ever build the courage for an avalanche of anime catgirls.

  5. I was much more of an idiot back then when all the original oculus stuff dropped, well I still am an idiot but at least now im in the dreaming every day wishing I was in a better reality, I just can't believe it's been that many years, now I'm just a useless 22 year old that can't do anything because I either can't do what I want or get stopped from trying to become someone I want to be, it sucks, but thats the world we live in especially if your surrounded by old people who refuse to change in anyway, they get bound to their old fashioned ways usually… at least in my case. I still wish though that I'll have that golden opportunity one day, maybe we'll be able to escape in vr, cuz man, I also hate the thought of getting old.
    But… you son of a gun, how dare you get me inspired again xD

  6. 2020: I was in school and only heard of Covid, but all of the sudden, we had gotten a message that school was out for two weeks, Hooray! I was so happy by this news, a slight break is what I thought, boy was I wrong. Within the next month or so, I was so incredibly bored I must have scrolled on YouTube for hours, and I found it, a video by joshdub on pavlov VR, and immediately my whole mindset went to VR, with the money I had, I purchased a oculus quest, I was oblivious of other headsets, or steamvr in a whole, but I was happy. Through thrillseeker and other youtubers, I've learned so much on VR, and finally, I have purchased a valve index, this community is one the greatest and most positive I've ever seen, I'm so happy to be apart of this family.

  7. 5 months ago, i had no friends, probably the worst time of my life yet. But one day, i bought a vr, i met a person who now is my best friend now and im happier than ever.

  8. Keep it up man, you are making the lives of so many people so much better, and you really are an inspiration to follow your dreams and go for it because you only get one shot at life so use it to do the things you love. keep making whatever content that makes you the most happy, you deserve all of this, you put in the hard work and it paid off, you found the thing you loved the most and you stuck with it, and I've always look up to that and admire that so thank you for everything that you have given all of us, and I am positive that Thrillseeker Media Group will be what finally unlocks the full potential of Virtual Reality

  9. Just felt like I needed to say absolutely amazing video man. I got into your Channel a few months back probably after this one went up. Just wanted to say I'm a 32 year old who litteraly got into.vr heavy as of.last year. I had dipped my toe long b4 but it wasn't where it is at now. But point is I work a shit job have an excess amount of stress and I turned to vr to.escape and get away while it worked I suffered the same thing with depression between life and vr life. It just builds as I used vr to escape my depression I slowly developed a diffrent depression one that honestly most people unless they experience can't really explain. I'm not much better now considering but seeing I'm not the only one who felt this it helps me SO MUCH it's honestly a relief thank you for the also i think fairly soon we may want to have a professional look into this form of depression as it's not entirely the most known thing in the world ya no. Just thank you bro

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