Be the mayor in Cities: VR, the ultimate VR city-building and management simulator. Design neighborhoods, construct buildings, direct the flow of traffic – all while you handle economics, emergency services, and more. Step inside this VR adaptation of the leading city-builder, Cities: Skylines.

Cities: VR is coming April 28 to Quest 2. Pre-order Now & get a 10% discount:

Control every aspect of city planning, from construction to utility planning, and provide healthcare, education, and more to your population.

Cities: VR allows for an unparalleled level of presence, immersion and hands-on gameplay. See your skyline rise from an expansive bird’s eye view, or watch your city come alive from the streets.

Cities: VR is both a great entry-point to the franchise and a compelling new experience for Cities: Skylines veterans. Precise and tactile feedback and a palette of tools at your fingertips makes for an easy-to-use control system.

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27 thoughts on “Youtube video -Cities: VR Trailer | Meta Quest”
  1. I am not bashing the game but I will let you know do not overestimate what you think the game has. It's literally like when City skylines first came out and had all of the basic amenities and parks and buildings. You have one square you can't buy additional zones, you don't have unique buildings or special DLC type items, you can't rename streets, you can't have the little zoned off areas you can specialize as Leisure and Commercial, you don't even get taxis & airports. It's not really a "first person view" in the game… you just Glide around at street level through buildings and stuff.

    Overall, if I was new to VR & I paid the $27 I would be upset, but from my experiences I think that they will continue to update the game and eventually add things from the city skylines console version that we loved

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else get some "Blinding Lights" vibes when listening to the music track. I constantly feel like someone's gonna start singing "The city's cold and empty", which is pretty ironic.

  3. People are disappointed with this, and i see why. Its just the normal game but vr, and with worse graphics. If they wanted to make it for vr they could've at least added new things that are vr exclusive, like a mode where you are the scale of a normal person and you can wander around the city of your own creation in full scale.

  4. As someone with problems with performance on modern hardware and 32 gigs of ram, this game is gonna run terribly on an glorified android phone with 6 gigs of ram.. There's gonna be some crazy restrictions like only one tile or limited population to get around the hardware limitations, probably why pre-orders are discounted and there's no gameplay in the video. (edit: Confirmed that there's only ONE TILE from a dev AMA)

    Also the art direction sucks. They just turned everything into a LOD model, made everything lit and removed post processing and shading. I hate it. I'm genuinely shocked by how horrible it looks and I gasped the first time I saw it. Guys, you could've done so much better but for $30 this is just lazy.

    p.s at 0:28 you can see the harbor has no concrete under it like in game, it's just floating.

  5. This isn't a VR game, this is a game ported to VR. It wasn't designed with VR in mind at all. Immersive? Scenic? It's neither of those things. It's the same top-down city builder as it was before.

  6. Very disappointing a game like this is stuck with the Quest's processing power. Having many buildings and infastructure onscreen is going to take a lot of power, and explains the relatively poor graphics. Unfortunate another developer went the exclusive route.

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