British architecture firm Zaha Hadid Architects is creating Liberland Meterverse, a virtual “cyber-urban” city in the metaverse where people are able to collaborate across geographies, buy plots of land with cryptocurrency and enter digital buildings as an avatar.

The project, which is led by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) principal Patrik Schumacher is a digital twin of the Free Republic of Liberland, a micronation claimed by Czech politician Vít Jedlicka that straddles disputed land between Croatia and Serbia.

“While the Liberland Metaverse is meant to spearhead the development of Liberland as a libertarian micro-nation it will also function as free standing virtual reality realm in its own right,” Schumacher told Dezeen.

“The ambition is for it to become the go-to-site for networking and collaboration within the burgeoning web 3.0 industry, i.e. the metaverse for metaverse developers and the crypto ecosystem at large,” he added.

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22 thoughts on “Youtube video -Zaha Hadid Architects building Metaverse city Liberland”
  1. Looks a lot like what Star Citizen has already done. Hopefully it won't be as bereft of interactive things to do as the Star Citizen cities are. If this could be built in VRChat, it could be an amazing place to visit in a VR headset.

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  3. For people interested in the future of the metaverse, you need to become educated in its history (which goes back to the 70s) and the ethical issues it presents. I made a video that summarizes EVERYTHING in a cinematic engaging way: tell me what you think!

  4. We have enough challenges in reality. I hope superrich have to redistribute their wealth by heavier taxes in future. Those Architecture Visions aren‘t social and bring the collapse of system closer.

  5. Meta can monitor your every move and that of your contacts then create an AI avatar that mimics all the things about your friends that you like, then let people who want to influence you pay for access control to that avatar. You see your personality is not protected by current intellectual property laws. Until the government has a clue and catches up I'd stay well away from Z's empire of delusion and manipulation.

  6. Isn’t making a copy of a piece of disputed land and then selling it off to investors kinda disrespectful? And if the intention is to “spearhead” the development of the area then isn’t it gross to do it in a way that bypasses all the local communities and economy’s?

  7. We should make our cities on earth better instead of investing our limited time & money in worthless ideas like this metasverse-bullshit.

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