Emotion regulation, the ability to modulate the intensity and duration of emotional states, has been explored as a trans-diagnostic intervention to improve mental health. Yet, learning is difficult because it requires the generation of meaningful emotionally laden social situations; real-time feedback of internal psychological and physiological states; and practice modifying the interpretation of multiple situations. In her TEDxSFU talk, Dr. Alexandra Kitson discusses the unique opportunities virtual reality holds for emotion regulation skills development backed by her research on designing virtual reality experiences that elicit strong emotional responses and inspired by her work as a crisis centre volunteer. Alexandra Kitson is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at SFU. Her multidisciplinary research across human-computer interaction, design, and psychology demonstrates how cutting-edge technologies can support positive emotions, enable connection with others, and enhance well-being. Bloom to her means self-transcendence. It’s transcending our inward focus and suffering to extrinsic motivation and connecting with others. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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26 thoughts on “Youtube video -How we can use virtual reality to support our mental health | Alexandra Kitson | TEDxSFU”
  1. Great talk Alexandra. Done with passion, knowledge and kindness. 

    I read a few negative comments and, as expected, most of the people who wrote them have never experienced VR. Perhaps one thing that you may want to add to your future presentations is letting the audience know that there is more than 30 years of solid research in applications of VR for PTSD, anxiety, acute pain and chronic pain, obesity and eating disorders, physical rehab and more. 

    VR is safe and effective when it is based on science and clinical practice. If you add gamification it can also be a lot of fun. It can deliver better health outcomes when associated with neuroscience, psychology, advanced biosensors, gamification and storytelling.

    As you suggested we use VR as the ultimate simulation machine to train astronauts, fighter jet pilots, quarterbacks, F1 pilots, brain surgeons and other professionals where precision is the difference between life and death or between winning and losing a Grand Prix or The Super Bowl.

  2. Y’all be playing with technology when you could just be organizing community outings and more immediate services for the vulnerable. How realistic is this, honestly? Right now? For those most in need to just access a highly expensive piece of equipment…when they can’t even afford to have a phone or home most often. The level of detachment from those suffering to those comfortable is so broad as to be laughable. I think we can do more then cater to the privileged few.

  3. This really is the future! Imagine combining this technology with the medical "Placebo Effect". We could literally heal our bodies by believing what we are seeing! Great work Alexandra, keep it up! Namaste x

  4. Only live in virtal life that you want, you sleep in that, then it is safe place to heal you. Then you wake up and say, it is only sweet lie that you make yourself. Then it is okie again. You don't live always in virtal place.

  5. This is interesting
    Now we’re seeing TEDx speeches on what we’ve been watching in all anti-utopian movies
    People dealing with their problems by diving into virtual reality
    I think there are going to be repercussions for using such methods

  6. I got VR last year, I was socially burnt out from almost a year of being stuck home. I began to socialize more and began to improve my relations in real life while slowly working my way through social anxiety. I think it holds great potential if we can start integrating it within learning experiences to uplift the existing educational structure. IF you haven't tried it YOU SHOULD! it's a true wonder to behold

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