Inside The Lab: Building for the Metaverse with AI – Live on Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Youtube video -Mark Zuckerberg: Building for the Metaverse with AI”
  1. this is good…..good ♪. the tech is amazing as always. just like the internet it will have its bumps and bruises. I don't agree with the way everything is censored nowadays. they should have something like parental locks and that should be it. the First Amendment is mostly not respected nowadays with the way we do things as a country. its sad to see are freedoms slowly ending. back in the day you could leave any kind of comment and ever one would see it but now days if they don't like it know one will see it this is wrong in my mind. its the same thing for talking in person if there is a public out cry about what you say then it could mean you go to jail/get sued/ lose your job/ or a combination of these things none of this I agree with. this is sad for us as a country. I think its like this because if they undid it the country would tear itself apart from the inside out they are using it for a Band-Aid patch. for thinks like not fixing the working laws for the country so you can't work over 40 hrs. mandatory it has to be optional and things like workplace harassment by companies think 1 person doing a 3 person job and having to break there back to get it done or having to explain why I didn't get it done in a coaching or a write-up and things like payed time off 2 weeks of vacation time being standard. or like how the school system does not teach you how to function in the society or how you have to have a college diploma to get what most of us would consider a middle-class job nowadays or how you can't get by on your own power like you used to back in the 1960s you have to have 2 peoples incomes just to live with a roof over your head this is ridiculous. when you have these levels of problems your going to have people who say things they don't mean because they don't know how to voice their complaints about these problems because all they have is hate so its hard to communicate. that's why i say its a band-aid patch its only getting worse and worse as time goes on its easy to see how this ends some sort of big event happens then most of these problems get solved. then the dial reset and they slowly try it again it may take 100 years to get to the critical point again but it happens. rinse wash repeat.

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