Welcome back for a VR Rundown. On the look out for upcoming vr game, well today we checking out the VR adaptation of Cities Skylines, Cities VR, for the Meta Quest 2 aka The Oculus Quest 2 🙂
Try not to confuse this title with Little Cities VR but I will have a comparison up in the near future. This review includes everything you need you know but I would love to hear your feedback

Intro 00:00
The Summary 00:35
Cities VR VS Little Cities VR 01:08
My Experience 01:33
Minor Issues 03:22
Do I recommend It? 03:58
The Verdict 04:25
Gameplay – Mistakes were made 04:55
Gameplay – Better Planning 05:35
Gameplay – Mandatory Tutorial 06:20

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31 thoughts on “Youtube video -An Addictive City Builder – Cities VR Review (Meta Quest 2)”
  1. Quest 2 exclusive. Hard pass. Facebook is the Nintendo of VR without Nintendo studios' quality games that make you not care about their practices.

    Maybe if it gets rereleased on PC with better than phone graphics and pop-in I'll give it another look.

  2. Cities Skylines Transit Options without DLC (2015)

    Cities VR release transit options (2022)

    Makes me glad I play the original

  3. I was hoping this would be a review of the game in the format it's in, not 60% to be about the management of the city which we've seen in an abundance of reviews since 2015.

  4. I never got City Skylines on Pc, but in Vr I would love to play it. I feel motion controls would make the building much better. It just looks like an overall more enjoyable experience. The company who made the game said they are already working on making the game better by adding new content and fixing issues. They even are taking suggestions to improve the game. I hope this game turns into something amazing.

  5. no auto save, kinda kills me, lost my admittedly expected to fail first tutorial city in a horrid game crash….
    Something can be said for not saving it myself, but that's another story.

    Been an interesting experience, having played sim city and the likes myself awhile back although not having dabbled too much in cities skylines, I'm keen to give it a few more goes
    But rather keen to see what Little Cities has to offer
    The controversial seemingly pushed delay just for this game to not have competition does get me a tad though……..

  6. I used to play sim city and still play cities, but even with it being vr I cannot get behind this game. It looks 20 years old and that it plays like the mobile sim city. Maybe if it was designed as a computer game instead of a mobile game

  7. Not something I would see myself getting into in VR, the only factor that would redeem a stationary experience like this would be graphics, if you could after the hard work watch the sunrise over your beautiful city, too bad the game can't even compete with 90's games in terms of graphics 😅

  8. I liked the original simcity & SimEarth titles when they came out on PC (in the 90s?), I destroyed a lot of cities lol, this looks like a nice idea for VR

  9. I would have never thought I would have liked this game but after watching you and several content creators play this, I think it’s interesting! Great honest review as always!

  10. While Sim City SNES will always be my number one chill game, this looks far too in depth and somewhat stressful. Here's hoping Little Cities lets me turn my thinking cap off and build at my own pace for the zen experience I crave from my city builders.

  11. Never was a city builder myself. I think I enjoy watching others play these types of games more than I enjoy playing them myself. If VR title can bring something new to the table or make it more engaging, I might get interested.

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