Mark Zuckerberg invites you to his shared Metaverse VR space.


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also zimo goated for helping figure out a solution to the processing issue
Sound effects:

see source on youtube click here

43 thoughts on “Youtube video -Metaverse VR: Demo Experience”
  1. Before you watch:

    – Watch in full screen
    – Zoom out fully (it starts slightly zoomed in)
    – Watch in 4k. If you don't, the quality will be a bit shitty because at any given moment you're just watching a section of the 4k video because it's just a 4k video mapped onto a sphere basically
    – Use a stereo/surround speaker system, sounds should be fixed in 3d space when you rotate/look around which sounds epic

    Hope you enjoy 🙂

  2. Hold up- YOU GUYS!! turn to the left at 0:33 and stop until u see hands behind the pole
    keep waiting and you'll see it SHELDON and SONIC appears and runs
    through the whole map-

  3. not me genuinely being scared and turned around the whole time as i was absolutely and utterly terrified by the experience. Thank you

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