IFERP & Crown University collaborated to organize the 3rd International Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering, Technology, and Management (ICASETEM-2022) to bring development in engineering studies, including light and heavy engineering sectors steadily for researchers.

This ongoing conference covers a wide range of engineering disciplines like Civil engineering, mechatronics, bioengineering, biomedical sciences, computer hardware engineering, and industrial engineering, for example, have faster growth than other engineering professions.

It is a live virtual conference that focuses on the technological and industrial trends in each field of engineering, which are constantly changing. It assists you in identifying and comprehending changing trends in specific fields of engineering & technologies.

ICASETEM-2022 allows you to meet with industry experts, keynote speakers, and experts to debate different aspects of a particular engineering field. There are a variety of other factors you gain by watching this engineering conference on a regular basis.

Our keynote speaker: Dr. K. Maran, Director, Sri Sai Ram Institute of Management Studies, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College, & Chennai began to deliver exceptional talks to stimulate new researchers in order to make this conference more exciting.

Conferences are a great way to keep up with the latest industry trends so, to expand your understanding of technology, click and watch this event.

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