This company is using VR to help the elderly reconnect with the world and travel in a safe way during the pandemic ❤️
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31 thoughts on “Youtube video -Viva Vita is Using Virtual Reality to Empower Seniors”
  1. At the beginning of the pandemic my parents noted that my grandmother became depressed when all the activities at her retirement community stopped. At that time my parents moved her in with them. Now she has real people to interact with not VR recreations of human interaction.

  2. This sounds like a great idea! I'm sure all these people have places they wanted to visit but never got to, due to money or time or what have you. It'll be an interesting experience and surely help with boredom.

  3. If a waiter or waitress is waring a Mask I make it a POINT NOT TO TIP them at the end of my meal. Sometimes I will not even pay for the meal and walk out

  4. They're depressed BECAUSE they're isolated. We don't organise society around people. We can't afford to live with/near our elders in a way in which they can participate in society eg. Sharing their historical knowledge/wisdom. Helping raise the kids. instead we organise around making profit (or just surviving for most of us).

    This is cool but we shouldn't need toys to distract them with smh

  5. There is not nearly enough attention paid to senior quality of life and i LOVE YOU for doing this. This is god's work. Well done.

  6. How many times do their adult kids visit. How many people want to keep their elderly parents home ? How many people want to become nurses? These are other questions that are missing. Getting old is not easy and maybe your adult children can't or won't provide help.

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