Session Chair: Session Chair: Junjun Pan

Inducing Emotional Stress from the ICU Context in VR – Sebastian Weiß, Steffen Busse, Wilko Heuten

2D versus 3D: A Comparison of Needle Navigation Concepts between Augmented Reality Display Devices – Florian Heinrich, Lovis Schwenderling, Fabian Joeres, Christian Hansen

Supporting Playful Rehabilitation in the Home using Virtual Reality Headsets and Force Feedback Gloves – Qisong Wang, Bo Kang, Per Ola Kristensson

Evaluating Perceptional Tasks for Medicine: A Comparative User Study Between a Virtual Reality and a Desktop Application – Jan Niklas Hornbeck, Monique Meuschke, Lennert Zyla, André-Joel Heuser, Justus Toader, Felix Popp, Christane J. Bruns, Christian Hansen, Rabi R. Datta, Kai Lawonn

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