Today we are talking about what I see as the construction industry outlook for 2022 and tips you must know as a construction engineer or engineering student to get ahead in 2022.

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0:00 Intro
1:03 Supply Chain Issues
Supply chain issues are no stranger to the news these days and it definitely affects construction and general contractors. It is more important than ever to make sure procurement logs are up to date and the logistics of materials is completely understood. It’s not enough just to know the lead times of the products, you need to know fabrication times, where each step of delivery goes to and understanding how certain parts of the world may affect your material deliveries. The risk may be on the contractor at this point to deal with supply chain issues, even if it’s out of the contractor’s control. Provisions need to be made and proper planning and communication are necessary to address the supply chain issues.

5:57 Construction Labor Shortages
With the US really pushing the college degree as the main path to success, there has been a shortage of younger people going into the construction trades. It’s also tough work which some may say is not suited for the younger generation, especially when you can find jobs that can work from home. Developers want to build, but it is so tough to find the qualified individuals to run the field. The construction industry needs to make a concerted effort to show the younger generation the possibilities a career in the trades can bring and make sure we are training the future leaders properly in the industry.

7:53 Construction Technology
Especially with a labor shortage, it has become so important for the technology in construction to meet the needs of the industry. The industry has been notorious for lagging in efficiency as every job can almost be thought of as a prototype. With more people wanting to have WFH jobs, the industry should take some strides to fill more roles. BIM modeling helps

10:58 Work From Home?
It is very tough to build a construction project from your home. However, there are more job opportunities opening up for WFH. Some construction contracts require personnel to be on site, so be wary of that requirement. Companies are likely upgrading their infrastructure to help employees work from home anyway, which may help with home life and create more flexibility. The industry still requires a lot of hours, but at least you’re not completely confined to the job site.

13:22 Construction Industry Outlook 2022-Strong
With developers and the world beginning to cope with the illness, work will be opening up towards the end of the year and I foresee the construction industry remaining strong.

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37 thoughts on “Youtube video -5 Things You MUST KNOW About the Construction Industry in 2022”
  1. Did someone say Contech 👀 We know BIM, AR and AI are cool – and a site walkthrough in the metaverse? Awesome. But looking at tech to bring the short term planning process out of the 90s can spark impactful, long-lasting benefits to projects too. Lots of projects use manual and outdated approaches like excel, ppt, sticky notes and whiteboards to get the plan out to site…which brings about more meetings and more emails!

  2. I'm a mechanical engineer studying at VCU and I took an offer to be a project engineer intern at Fort Lee base in VA. I wanted to see if construction is for me as a career choice and your videos helped me gain confidence in going for it. Thanks and keep the tips and info coming!

  3. Glad you are back!! Graduating May this year with Civil Engineering degree and I’m already applying and planning to follow the same route you did with the construction 🚧🦾🦾

  4. I can't lol, the american safety helmets look like y'all are butterflies hunters hahaha, but kidding aside, love your channel! Helped me personally with my career, so please keep the content comnig! Have a great day 🙂

  5. You’re back!!!!! I’ve been so lost in my engineering career without you. Please don’t ever leave us again! I can’t even begin to tell you all the ways that you’ve impacted my engineering career and honestly, my life. Your videos have literally inspired me to pursue a career in this industry and have kept me going when times get tough. Your videos are so good because you put things in terms that are understandable and relatable. You are my hero and my inspiration and this specific video has saved my life. This job/industry has been so tough diring these times, and your videos are the one light in my engineering life that keeps me going. Everytime I watch these videos my passion for engineering is reignited – there’s a fire under me now!!

  6. Dude it is so good to see you back! I actually ended up getting a job estimating for O&M, and in my line of work, everyone has transitioned to working from home. We will need to make occasional site visits, but most of our work during the construction phase is design and constructability as the phases progress, but I feel like at least for my line of work, hybrid will be the wave going forward. Really glad to see you back man, I would not be in my job today if it wasn't for the guidance of your channel.

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