00:14 – Emesent Hovermap point cloud visualization
00:47 – Small scale point cloud visualization (sensitivity analyses)
01:26 – Pierre Van Ryneveld audio experience
01:44 – Ebi’s welcoming message

A virtual rendition of Engineering 4.0’s Civil Engineering laboratory using Unreal Engine’s FPS starter level/kit.
This sort demonstration showcases a dynamic and immersive visualization experience to interpret the pointcloud reconstruction with a fidelity not provided by simple click-and-drag applications, as well as interactive audio and video elements for an enhanced user experience.
This 1:20 scale Hovermap scan represents a 400 m section of railway track that was acquired during our most recent expedition Ermelo (narrated by Prof. Hannes Gräbe).
The selection of 9 smaller point clouds are 3D reconstructions that form part of my PhD project nearing its completion. These point clouds are generated from a combination of cm-accurate geolocation services, state-of-the-art neural networks and high-resolution photographs from different perspectives.
The digital recreation of the Pierre Van Ryneveld monument, residing on the Engineering 4 campus, was created using traditional photogrammetry. The EBI mascot is narrated by Prof. Wynand Steyn, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Pretoria.


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