When using building software like Revit, you know how difficult it can be to review models on a 2D screen. With increasingly complex projects, costlier issues, and remote teams, you need a place to experience your work together before construction has even started. The Wild allows building teams to present, collaborate, and review projects together from anywhere using virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). With powerful VR tools for markups, reviews, and BIM coordination, The Wild is the easiest way to reduce design flaws and mitigate costly clashes before construction.

Check out this demo that highlights how easy it is to review models and collaborate in virtual reality using The Wild.

0:00 – Why VR?

0:44 – Easy to use

1:14 – Enter workshop in VR

2:41 – Inspecting Revit model

4:20 – Group tour in VR

7:10 – VR first-person view

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