Watch this 1-hour virtual session to:
– Hear from Dr. Charles Martin of the Cleveland Clinic about his first-hand experience with this unique technology
– See how to integrate the reading room workflow into an easy-to-use VR radiology suite
– Learn how this solution enables secure collaboration for radiology education and interprofessional consults
– Discover how you can create real-time 3D volume rendering of patient data with natural interactions
About Luxsonic:
Varjo partner, Luxsonic, develops virtual reality software to improve medical education, training, and remote health care delivery. Together with Varjo VR, they provide physicians with collaborative tools for medical education, advanced medical imaging visualization in true-to-life detail, and enhanced radiology workflows, empowering them with the freedom to work from anywhere. Learn more at:
Company website:
SieVRT Platform:
See how other professionals are using Varjo in the medical space:

Varjo Case Studies

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