Who needs tutorials? Today I’m skipping all that nonsense and building the BEST (worst) VR city you’ve ever seen. The VR city building games are coming, first up is Cities VR, a VR city builder offshoot of the popular Cities Skylines franchise (I’m sure plenty of people will just refer to this as Cities Skylines VR but it’s best to view this as a side project rather than a full blown port). Originally Little Cities was going to debut first but this more casual, relaxing attempt at the VR city builder genre has now been pushed to the beginning of May meaning Fast Travel Games have the spotlight with this far more indepth VR management sim. I threw caution to the wind for todays video and decided I didn’t need to do the tutorials, I wanted to feel my way around the game naturally and see if it was possible to create a fully functioning city without the help of the games built in guidance… it was… semi successful…

Cities VR certainly isn’t the full content complete Cities Skylines experience that many fans will know and love but it is the most fleshed out and in depth VR city builder/VR management game I’ve played to date. You still need to run the water pipes & electricity systems, zone areas for housing, commerce or industry, ensure your populations needs are met with policing, hospitals, education & entertainment and balance your monetary situation all at the same time. Things can go from serene and calm to completely out of control in the blink of an eye as one wrong placement or bad decision can leave half your population drinking contaminated water or completely devoid of garbage collections. It’s a great balancing act that anyone familiar with city builders will already know very well but it now exists with the immersion and beauty of VR, being able to shrink down to a tiny size and inspect the janky little people going about their day is a personal highlight for me.

Cities VR might not be the COMPLETE package that it’s older brother Cities Skylines has established it is but it IS a solid and enjoyable VR city builder that’s incredibly intuitive even without the tutorials. It’s also great to see that not all new Quest 2 games / new VR games are opting to go down the “first person shooter zombie blasting” route as we start to get new genres like this for our headsets.

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38 thoughts on “Youtube video -Building the WORST city in Cities VR (A VR City Builder for Quest 2) // Quest 2 Gameplay”
  1. Loved watching this, it reminded me of my first Cities: Skylines game years ago. Your sewage problem continued because, although you moved your drain, there was still tons of dirty water in the lake andthat dirty water, just like in real life, takes a while to dissapear; it was still being pumped to your citizens! If you look at time stamp 28:02, you can see the brown colour in the water because you have a pump selected, this brown is polluted water. What you should have done was move the inlet pump, not the sewage pump. But it was funny to watch your town fall apart, just like mine did.

  2. Dear Mayor Bildeau, during your tenure, you have made a great contribution to the development of the city, you have done a very good job, but don't continue!

  3. As someone who has played a lot of csl, this was only slightly painful to watch. 😂 Yep, he's going to regret that, and that, ooh, the city is going to be covered in poo in an hour or two. That'll be hilarious. Brave man taking this one on without a tutorial.
    The game looks neat in VR. I'll definitely be waiting for a steam release. Hopefully not too far off?

  4. you went much far by NOT doing the tutorial than I did. I'm pretty sure it is a bit buggy yet because It tell you to place a commercial zone but I don't have any space left and the game won't let me build more roads at this point… So I got stuck in the tutorial!

  5. I was waiting for this video before I got the game. Was 90% sure i would like it as I like the desktop but wanted to see one of my favorite youtubers look at it and show it off.
    Thanks for this overview!
    Game devs and publishers- Please send Benjo free good games to show off we might not have heard of, and loads of money.

  6. While your at it you might want to check out Spacefolk City. Its a really good casual building in space. I think it will be something that you will greatly enjoy (I know I am). Hope you consider checking this out 🙂

  7. The houses weren’t spawning because there was no demand for them (not enough industrial or retail job openings). There is an indicator that shows the demand levels on your left controller.

  8. Bro this is so great started off strong, then started descending into a town of unhappy and uneducated adults and stuff haha omg I cannot comment fully about how funny this was the entire time bro lmfao

  9. I think I might by pass Beardtopia. Oh no wait you didn't think of building one, Damn I'm stuck there now. Oh well may aswel make the most of it 😂 Great upload Banjo 👍

  10. "I'll create the worst city known to man"
    I've lived my whole life in Germany and recently moved to Dresden (East Germany, aka DDR). Bring it on, buddy. I doubt you'll even come close.

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