Let’s explore NYC’s iconic Empire State Building from street level to the observation deck!

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21 thoughts on “Youtube video -Virtual Tour of Empire State Building (360/VR)”
  1. I tried to yell for help and tell the pedestrians this man put a stick up my ass and is carrying me around New York City, but it's too late, he's clearly performing mind control on them so they can't hear me scream as he drops me from the empire state building.

    Seriously though I always find something amazing about NYC whenever I go there, small or huge, loved the video.

  2. Ayo are you allowed to have bags and backpacks while vissiting? I keep seeing pics and videos with people wearing bags and such but a lot of websites say it's not permitted. Can anyone who has been recently help me out with some info? Thanks

  3. There's a 1940s Arch Oboler radio play about a honeymooning couple who go up to the observation deck. They're alone up there, and a storm hits. When they're leaving, there are no elevator operators, so they take the stairs down. But there's nobody in the building…or on the streets. Every living thing, but them, has vanished from the city. They figure that God has been so outraged at how thoroughly humans have screwed up the world, that He wiped them all out, leaving only those 2 sweet, caring people to start humanity all over again.

    When Covid shut everything down, the photos and videos made me think of that radio play.

  4. well obviously the wind was a problem with some of the audio so I turned on closed caption CC. When the wind is really bad the CC thinks it is "applause". So given the majestic views it kinda works. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Terrible the way it's shot. Makes me sick to my stomach watching it and it's hard to see everything because it all keeps moving. 🙁

  6. Thank you for teleporting me there for 16 min !!! It was amazing Ariel !!!! ❤️❤️❤️we want more videos like this all around Nyc 😜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  7. wow!!!!! wow!!!!! Hi Ariel, I accidentally discovered that while you give this tour I can actually look 👀 around! Wow!!!! 😮 It feels like I’m really there (sans the sensation of the wind on the 86th floor!) The funny thing is I have no height issues with your video, go figure🤔. I love the fun facts, i.e. Macy’s sign 😁you give us. As you can see I wasn’t paying attention to the 360 title to this video, duh 🙄 thanks so much for this video. 💕💕

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