Experience Civil War warfare, as never before, with the American Battlefield Trust’s new virtual reality series. This immersive storytelling approach will put you back in time as you navigate in 360 degrees how it may have looked, felt and sounded to be a Civil War soldier.

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Civil War 1864 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF6xrff6fsA

Some viewers have requested a version of this VR experience without the notification sounds. We now have that available: https://youtu.be/lTTIBlvkyyY.

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36 thoughts on “Youtube video -Civil War 1864: A Virtual Reality Experience, Full Version”
  1. I found it interesting how people think the civil war was about slaves when this is a great misconception. Both were fighting for different reasons. The south, the Confederates, actually fought to perverse their way of life. They fought to preserve their industries and essentially their mean of survival. At the time the cotton industry was one of the largest industries. They needed the slaves to make money from cotton and other agricultural industries to survive. The north, the Union, was advocating for mainly industrialization in which slaves were no longer needed. The north also wanted to expand their railroad systems which could bring more resources for their vision for industrialization which would lead to more wealth. The south also didn't like the north because their view of northern culture was more European. The North saw the south as more rural and undeveloped. The tensions of both sides rose for a long time before escalating into civil conflict. If teachers taught a very summarized version of this before going into the detail, the civil war would make a whole lot more sense. It would especially make more sense instead of the single sided confusion about slavery commonly taught in US classrooms.

  2. The next Civil War will be the fight to remove alphabet government agencies and corrupt DC, state and local politicians, including those in law enforcement whom support relentless corruption. The problem is sooooo widespread, if Civil War breaks out the destruction of the US will leave it vulnerable to attack from foreign interests. With the now open borders, we are literally being invaded and the DNC is proud of themselves for it. Obama’s third term in the shadows is truly destroying us from within.

  3. I was in Virginia two years ago during the battle of Williamsburg, a Confederate defeat under Jubal Early. One of the little children standing by me asked his daddy: Are we winning yet? This is a common mentality among southern folk, that a civil war can somehow be won. And many are still fighting those battles. Re-enactments are one thing, but seeing them as real is simply delusional.

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