Getting to experience the up-and-coming workplaces of Windsor-Essex in-person can be challenging. That’s why Workforce WindsorEssex has made a series of new virtual reality workplace tours. To check out our full library of virtual reality resources, go to

In this video, you’ll join the Local 494 Carpenter’s Union for a tour of the Giles French Immersion construction site in Windsor, Ontario. You’ll encounter general carpenters and acoustic technicians at work, as well as some other trades including glaziers and bricklayers.

Director/DP/Editor/Sound By Sasha Jordan Appler of ApplerFilm.

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One thought on “Youtube video -Virtual Reality Workplace Tours: Carpenters Local 494”
  1. Hello brothers and sisters, as a union brother I need to share with everybody this:
    I highly recommended to buy REX TOOL BAGS. This brand is making a special bags for commercial carpenters like us. Let me just mention to you some of the great ideas in the design.
    *4 different bags for those 4 kind of nails that we used in the field.
    *special little bag to supply tie wire.
    *2 tool holder ( cats paw and spud wrench)
    *special bag for tape measure or blue nails ( I am a right hand and always let my tape in the fastener bag).
    * strap for speed square to keep it secure when you work in highs!

    *2 SPOTS to carry bull pins or crecent wrench on the outside of the bag.
    -have a insulated spot for water
    -a little strap to keep tool close to the body and prevent to fall when to work on highs.
    *A little retractile wire to use it for striker when you torch.

    21 compartments for tools:
    1– Tape measure holder.
    2– Hammer holder.
    3– Pry bar holder.
    4– Blue Chalk line holder.
    5– Cordless screwdriver holder.
    6– Red Chalk line holder.
    7– Cordless impact gun holder.
    8– Crecent wrench holder.
    9– Pliers holder.
    10– Diagonal cutting pliers holder.
    11– Pencil holder.
    12– Holder for sharpie markers.
    13– Crayon holder.
    14– Utility knife holder.
    15– Screwdriver holder.
    16, 17 and 18……..3 little bags for miscellaneous things.
    19– Calculator, cell phone or small notebook holder.
    20– Main bag.
    21– torpedo level retainer strap.

    Really guys, you'll gonna love it…… I'll get mines pretty soon.
    Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the side bags ( fastener and tool bag) have an incline where the belt runs that makes them flip up so when you bend down to grab something or nail something, the nails or tools don't spread on the ground.
    Take a look…… those are really great. It's just a brother to brother advice!!

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