Project Homestead: Little House of Quarantine is a DIY construction series of videos about how to build your own homestead and house. The series contains an element of fantasy where the main character is trying to build a homestead to protect himself during a hypothetical pandemic disease. But the nuts and bolts of how to plan, prepare, and build a homestead or retreat house are all 100% true to life.
The series explores every aspect of the process from initial concept, to construction plans, and site work, through to building construction and completion of the project.

These videos use the Richo Theta V 360 degree camera.
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4 thoughts on “Youtube video -Day 931 – Project Homestead: Little House of Quarantine”
  1. Leaks there actually aren’t uncommon which is why it is recommended to put pipe dope under the metal flange of the drain inside the sink because there normally isn’t a gasket under it. Seems counterintuitive but it’s what you do, had the problem myself and that was the solution.

    Finally got a canner. Couldn’t afford an All American brand but got a Presto 16qt at Tractor Supply for $99 that was around $140 everywhere else, So… we will be making lots of stew, chili, taco meat and fajita chicken to store. Probably some other kinds of seasoned chicken and plain ground beef, possibly some cubed meat as well. We have a good supply of the canned chicken from Sam’s but I wanted to make sure we have a lot of other meats in particular that we know we like although Shelly does occasionally use the canned chicken and likes it. Ethan is the biggest issue because he mainly eats meats and trying to get him to eat other stuff is generally limited to some form of potatoes and occasionally other canned veggies. He does like apples though so I got some fruit preservatives and may try canning some apple slices for him. I did get the Ball Big Book of canning so now just need to get prepared for the marathon of cooking and canning in the next couple of days,

  2. Finally! It’s all working and functional. Nice! You must be relieved.

    Here’s a link to the huples cat video he mentioned for anyone reading the comments with interest.

    (I think it’s the one he’s referring to but it’s relevant even if not the exact one 😊 )

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