Would you be brave enough to have a go?

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37 thoughts on “Youtube video -We Got Fulham Players to 'Walk the Plank' on VR and They Nearly S–t Themselves | VR Challenge”
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  2. I tried it today and I didn't make it. I was too afraid to step forwards. I tried convincing myself it isn't real, that I will not fall, but the VR fooled my brains and I gave up. 🙁 -.-

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  4. I played this for the first time…actually the very first VR experience I’ve ever had, and I was literally shaking! My knees were wobbling and I would feel like loosing my balance and wave both arms to my sides to get steady again. It was awesome!!! Of course my son told me to jump. Very cool!

  5. I have a oculus 2 and I ripped it off and almost had a heart attack the first time I watched a space video… which is real footage by the way lol I’m used to it now, but I still can’t finish the real footage of deep sea sharks lol

  6. This vr still isnt enough for me…i'm waiting for something with full dive or something similar….i dont wanna risk smacking my wall or tv while playing this

  7. Key to success count the number of steps close your eyes and count to 8…that way you don't see the image of falling and piss yourself and keeps you looking like a madBOSS when your mates pissout…

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